BlackBerry Setup
Before you run the through the activation procedure, please be sure your BlackBerry is up to date with the latest Software and patches. You can do this by visiting your cellular providers website and getting the latest version. In addition, you can visit the BlackBerry site, and get the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

You can activate your BlackBerry online from your phone, so long as your phone has the latest software and supports online activation. If you activate it from your phone, it is a fast and easy process, and we would encourage you to use this method.
To determine if your phone has this ability, please check your phone for the Enterprise Activation icon on the front screen (as in the picture below).

If your screen does not have that on it, please go to the options screen (as in the pictures below) and find the Enterprise Activation section. If you cant find it in the top level section under Options, please go to the Advanced Options section first.


You should have gotten in your email an activation code. Enter on this screen (as seen below) your email address, and your activation code. When done accept the changes by pressing the scroll button (on right of BlackBerry) and say Activate. This should start the process of online activation. At the end of the process, your BlackBerry should be completely enabled for online syncing.